About Us

Our Macarons

From grinding raw almonds daily for our almond flour, to picking the freshest fruits for our jams, we go to great lengths to produce the most delicate, crispy delights!

Our exclusive technique and the quality of our ingredients allow our team of pastry chefs to create a truly exceptional product.

Our macarons are available in a rainbow of colors, and in flavors ranging from traditional French standards to modern twists on the classics. We continually rotate our offerings to include new seasonal flavors, while keeping classic favorites available year-round.

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Our Artisan Chocolates

Our chocolates are the unique creation of Thierry Atlan, awarded Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Best Craftsman of France. He is the only chef to have earned this esteemed distinction currently living in the United States.

Our commissary houses a world-class chocolate factory where we use only the finest, all-natural raw chocolate, much of which is sustainably-farmed and exclusive in the US to Sugar and Plumm.

All of our chocolates are crafted with the freshest ingredients, natural flavors and with no preservatives under the watchful eye of world-renowned Master French Chocolatier Thierry Atlan and his team, led by his right hand, Antoine Tremblay.

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